Following 267,000 units of the first generation Colt Mitsubishi Motors has wished to capitalize on this success and follow up with a grown-up (only ± 35% carry-over parts) but still distinctive product:

* more in line with the brand's identity (sharper new design & signature "Jet Fighter" grille)
* more in line with its positioning (new 3- and 5-door Ralliart sporty models)
* more in line with the latest market trends (forthcoming 1.1 and 1.3 Clear Tec variants)
* more consistent (less distinction between Mitsubishi Colt 3-door and 5-door variants than before)
* more mature (perceived quality, cargo flexibility, comfort features, NVH, driving dynamics)

Junior Lancer

In that sense, the next generation Mitsubishi Colt gets closer to its sharp Mitsubishi Lancer siblings introducing an exterior design thoroughly refreshed by Mitsubishi Design Europe.

Trading the MPV-like high stance of its predecessor for a lower and wider attitude, it first strikes with the adoption of a rather in-your-face full "Jet Fighter" grille together with all-new body panels fore the A-pillar, all contributing to a stronger on-road presence, but also to an improved level of pedestrian safety.