Acura TSX

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Acura TSX
This page is about this vehicle's North American model, see Honda Accord for article

The Acura TSX is an automobile manufactured by Honda, introduced in April 2003, it was sold only in the United States and Canada but from the 2009 model year on, will be available also in Mexico.

Sold in North America under the Acura name, it filled the gap as Acura's 4-door, entry-level sedan when the Integra sedan was discontinued in 2001. The TSX is badge engineered from the CL-series Honda Accord (or European Accord) sold in Europe, Japan and Australia. However, the TSX had a restyled interior and different suspension tuning when it was introduced. The interior is now standardized for all three markets. In the Australian & New Zealand markets, Honda sells the TSX as the Accord Euro, a smaller mid-size car, where the USDM Accord is sold in the large car category.

As of 2008, the TSX is the smallest sedan in the Acura model line, other than the Civic-based CSX sold only in Canada. All TSXs are built in Sayama, Saitama, Japan.
First generation (2004–2008)

The 2008 model year TSX's powertrain is comprised of a 2.4-litre inline four-cylinder engine, a six-speed manual transmission (which features a magnesium casing, to reduce weight), and a front wheel drive layout. A five-speed automatic transmission is optional and does not incur extra cost in the U.S. based on MSRP. Such is not the case in Canada.

The engine, the K24A2, is related to the engine in the Honda Accord (7th generation), the Honda CR-V, the Honda Element, and a smaller version in the Acura RSX and RSX Type-S. The K24A2 features intelligent variable valve timing i-VTEC and produces 205 horsepower (150 kW) in this iteration.

The TSX's suspension setup of a double wishbone front and a multi-link in the rear was especially tuned by the Honda engineers to maximize handling and cornering speed.

In 2006, the TSX was updated with slight tweaks to the engine (adding 5 hp); a sportier exterior styling featuring a slightly new front and rear treatment, standard side skirts, and standard, integral fog lights; and restyled wheels. State of the art interior features have been added, including a Multi-information Display (MID) in the instrument panel, more standard safety features,[citation needed] and luxury features such as an auxiliary MP3 player input and Bluetooth-compatible HandsFreeLink.

Acura TL

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Acura TL
The Acura TL is a midsize luxury car from Honda's luxury Acura marque. It was introduced in 1996 to supplant the Acura Vigor and was a badge engineered Japan-market Honda Inspire sedan until the third-generation version. It is Acura's bestselling car.
1996 (1G TL)

The 1996 2.5 TL was available with the 2.5L 176hp (131kW) SOHC 20v 5-cylinder engine from the Vigor. The 3.2 TL used the 3.2L 200hp (149kW) SOHC 24v V6 from the second-generation Acura Legend. The very first 1996 Acura TL rolled off the assembly line on March 28, 1995.

Although it was designed to replace the Vigor, it also technically replaced the Acura Legend coupe. The 3.5 RL (Honda Legend in Japan) that debuted alongside the TL was a large car designed for a soft ride, in marked contrast to the previous two generations of Legends which were sport sedans with taut proportions.

The second-generation 3.2TL (the 2.5 was dropped) was built in Marysville, Ohio, alongside the Honda Accord. These cars were imported into Japan and sold as Honda Inspire in the Honda Clio dealer network, and as Honda Saber in the Honda Primo and Verno dealer networks. The only difference between the two cars were the front grille; the Inspire/Saber were also available with a 2.5L Honda J-series VTEC V6 engine exclusive to the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM).

In 1998, Honda revealed the TL-X concept car, showing a preview of the second-generation TL which would debut a year later. The second-generation TL (now called 3.2 TL) was released in 1999 and was now derived off the USDM Honda Accord platform. It was available with a newly-designed 3.2L 225hp (168kW) SOHC VTEC J32 V6 mated to a four-speed electronic automatic transmission with SportShift. The very first 1999 Acura TL rolled off the assembly line on August 4, 1998. The only option on the sedan was a hard drive based navigation system.
2000 (2G TL)

In the second year of production, the Acura TL was given slightly more features, including a five speed automatic transmssion, with sportshift. The added gear allowed for slightly better fuel economy and acceleration when compared to the previous 4 speed automatic transmission with sportshift. Other notable changes include the addition of side impact airbags for the front passengers and a change of format for the navigation system. The 2000 TL switched the hard drive for a dvd based navigation system. Now, the entire continental United States was accessible with the navigation system. One could theoretically drive from one coast to the other with the new navigation system. The 1999 TL navigation system stored the maps in zones; there were 5 different zones for the U.S.

Acura RSX

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Acura RSX
The Acura RSX is a car marketed by Acura in the United States and Canada as the replacement for the Acura Integra. It is available in two trims: base and Type-S. It is sold as the Honda Integra in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Acura RSX coincided with Acura's efforts to move its products upscale. Designing an entirely new platform shared with the Honda Civic, rather than an incremental re-engineering of the previous mechanical lineage of the previous Integra/Civic platform, Honda engineers built a more luxurious car than the Integra, Acura's previous offering in the compact near-luxury coupe segment.

The RSX suspension employs MacPherson struts in the front and wishbones in the rear, an engineering decision which disappointed some Honda fans who had come to appreciate Honda's previous philosophy of employing double-wishbones for both front and rear suspensions. However, the K-series engine proved to have significant potential for tuning, a trait shared with the B-series engines previously employed in Integra and certain performance-oriented Civic models. The K-series engine features intelligent VTEC or (i-VTEC), which electronically adjusts valve lift, valve timing and cam timing, giving the 2.0 liter engine a flatter torque curve and smooth power transition relative to previous VTEC implementations which only adjusted valve lift and valve timing.

The base RSX has the K20A3 motor with a specific output of 160 hp (119 kW) and is offered with either an automatic or a five-speed manual transmission; and the Type-S has a 200 hp (2002-2004) K20A2 or 210 hp (157 kW) in 2005 K20Z1 motor and a short-throw 6 speed manual transmission. For 2006 model year vehicles Honda has switched to the Rev 8/04 SAE standards for measuring horsepower. The base RSX now is rated at 155 hp and the Type-S is rated at 201 hp. In 2005 the RSX Type-S received camshafts, b-pipe and muffer from the exhaust and the intake snorkel duct from the Japanese model Honda Integra Type-R.

The Honda Integra Type R, sold in Japan, Australia, and some other markets, has reduced weight, a 220 PS / 164 kW / 217 hp K20A engine (Japan-only; Oceania models have a engine similar to the Acura RSX-S), as well as a limited slip differential (LSD) and stiffer springs and shocks, Brembo brakes, 17" rims on Bridgestone Potenza tires, Recaro suede seats, body trim, and more.

Acura RL

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The Acura RL is the top-of-the-line sedan in the range of Honda's North American luxury brand Acura. It replaced the Acura Legend in 1996.

All Acura RLs were built in Saitama, Japan. The very first Acura RL rolled off the assembly line on January 4, 1996.

In 1996, the replacement for the Acura Legend was introduced. Known internally as "KA9", officially, RL originally stood for "Road Luxury," however some suggest that it stood for "Replaces Legend." Whatever its meaning, the 1996 Acura 3.5RL was introduced to lackluster reviews. The automotive world had been expecting a true competitor to the Lexus LS to emerge. Yet it is likely that Acura will release a new model larger than the RL to compete with the Lexus. The RL fell short in all categories and is continuing to drop in sales; it is likely there will be a redesign of the redesigned RL, as reported by AutoWeek. Laying to rest predictions of a VTEC V8 powerplant, the 3.5RL was powered by a 3.5 L V6 engine, derived from the previous Legend's 3.2 L unit. The engine provided just 210 hp. Handling was soft and ponderous. Interior space was adequate, but still tight.

Despite all the compromises, the RL was still a competent vehicle. Few could find fault in it and it provided a serene, almost silent highway ride. The transmission, a 4-speed automatic, was smooth and silky. Reliability and fit-and-finish were excellent. Still, a lot was lacking in the car and sales suffered in the first three years.

In 1999, addressing those concerns, the RL received a front and rear facelift that included the addition of Xenon headlights and newer, more stylish headlights. The difference in styling, while seemingly subtle, gave the car an entirely new look. Suspension and chassis were stiffened. The Acura RL was back in the fold and sales increased.

The second generation RL was, indeed, a substantially improved vehicle over the 1996 counterpart. In 2000, a larger navigation system screen was added. Along with that larger screen was the conversion to easy-to-replace DVD map databases. OnStar was added in 2002 as well as XM Satellite Radio in 2003. Absent a major redesign in 8 years, however, the RL's sales slipped to their lowest levels in the 2004 model year. Acura as well as dealers provided generous incentives on the final models.

Acura RDX

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Acura RDX
The Acura RDX is Acura’s first compact luxury crossover SUV. Originally previewed as the Acura RD-X concept car, the production RDX had its debut at the 2006 New York Auto Show and went on sale on August 11, 2006.

The RDX takes over from the MDX as Acura's entry-level crossover SUV, as the MDX continues to grow in size and price. Although the dimensions of the vehicle are similar to that of the Honda CR-V, Acura claims the RDX uses a unique platform developed to handle the vehicle's advanced all-wheel drive system. Sales have been slow. 3832 units have been sold in the first two months of 2007 which is below forecast. Incentives will be offered to help sales.

The RDX is powered by Acura's first turbocharged gasoline engine. The 2.3-liter I4 K23A1 engine has all-aluminum construction, an i-VTEC head, and dual balance shafts. Acura's variable flow turbocharger reduces turbo lag by using a valve to narrow the exhaust passage at low rpm, increasing the velocity of the exhaust flow and keeping the turbine spinning rapidly. At higher rpm, the valve opens to allow more exhaust flow for increased boost. The engine also features a top-mounted intercooler which receives air from the grille, channeled by ducting under the hood. The Acura RDX engine is rated at 240bhp (179kW) @ 6000 rpm with a torque peak of 260lb·ft (353N·m). @ 4500. The EPA estimated fuel mileage is 19 city and 23 highway miles per gallon. New more realistic EPA mileage estimates as of February 2007 are 17 city and 22 highway. One professional auto tester averaged 11 city and 17 highway under an admittedly heavy foot. The recommended fuel is premium 91 octane unleaded.

The Acura RDX comes standard with a five-speed automatic transmission with Acura's SportShift sequential manual shift capability, activated by paddles mounted on the steering wheel. The paddles can be used in Drive (D) to make a gear change with the transmission returning to automatic mode as soon as the vehicle resumes a steady-cruise state. The Sport (S) setting has higher shift points and quicker downshifts, and using a paddle in “Sport” immediately puts the transmission in full manual mode. The RDX also has a version of Acura's Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD), first seen on the flagship RL sedan. The system can vary the front/rear torque distribution from 90/10 to 30/70, depending on whether the vehicle is accelerating, cruising, hill climbing, taking a curve, or encountering poor road conditions. When taking a curve, a pair of magnetic flux clutches in the rear differential can transfer as much as 100% of the available rear torque to the outside wheel. That torque transfer, combined with a 1.7% rear over-rotation of the rear wheel helps rotate the RDX through a turn.

Honda NSX

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Honda NSX
The Honda NSX (Acura NSX in North America and Hong Kong) was a sports car produced between 1990 and 2005 by the Japanese automaker Honda. It had a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, an all-aluminium body and chassis, and a V6 gasoline engine featuring Honda's VTEC system.

In 1984 Honda commissioned Pininfarina to design the HP-X (Honda Pininfarina Xperimental), which had a mid-mounted 2.0L V6 configuration.

The production NSX was designed by a team led by Chief Designer Ken Okuyama and Executive Chief Engineer Shigeru Uehara, who was also in charge of the S2000 project. Its first public appearances as the NS-X were at the Chicago Auto Show in February 1989, and at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1989.

Japanese Formula One driver Satoru Nakajima was involved with the NSX's development, performing many duties related to chassis tuning. Brazilian Formula One driver Ayrton Senna and American Bobby Rahal also participated in the car's development. Senna was given an NSX by Honda, although details of this car and its fate are unclear.[citation needed]

Honda's breakthrough engineering in the NSX was a major contributor to the design of the McLaren F1 as mentioned here in a interview with McLaren designer Gordon Murray. "The moment I drove the NSX, all the benchmark cars--Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini--I had been using as references in the development of my car vanished from my mind. Of course the car we would create, the McLaren F1, needed to be faster than the NSX, but the NSX's ride quality and handling would become our new design target."
Manufacture and release

Upon its release in 1990, the NSX was a design ahead of its time, at only 1170mm (46.1in) in height only 141.3mm (6in) taller than the legendary Ford GT40. The car showcased Honda's racing technology, exemplified by the NSX's ultra-rigid, ultra-light aluminium monocoque chassis, aluminium suspension, titanium connecting rods, forged pistons and high-revving capabilities — the redline was at a lofty 8,000 rpm. Today it is still known by many as the most reliable exotic car with many examples exceeding 100,000 miles without any reliability issues. The car's strong chassis rigidity and cornering/handling capabilities were the results of Ayrton Senna's direct input with NSX's chief engineers while testing at the Honda owned Suzuka Circuit during its final development stages. The NSX was initially assembled at the purpose-built Takanezawa R&D Plant in Tochigi from 1989 to early 2004, when it was moved to Suzuka Plant for the remainder of its production life. The cars were assembled by approximately 200 experienced, hand-picked staff from various Honda factories. Honda designed the NSX in search of the perfect balance between power and reliability and thus produced a powerful naturally aspirated engine suitable for the abuse of road racing

Acura MDX

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Acura MDX
The Acura MDX (Honda MDX in Japan and Australia) is a midsize SUV built by Honda of Canada Manufacturing Ltd. in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. It was introduced in late 2000 as a 2001 model. In 2003, the MDX went on sale in Japan.

Derived from Honda's Global Midsize Platform that underpins cars like the Honda Accord, Acura TL, Acura TSX and the Honda Odyssey, it is powered by a J35A3 3.5L SOHC 24 valve V6 with VTEC. This 3471cc (3.5in x 3.6in) engine produces 265hp (198kW) and 253ft.lbf (343Nm). Curb weight is 4451lb (2019kg), with a 106.3in (2.7 m) wheelbase and 8in (203mm) of ground clearance. The cargo floor can flip up to provide two additional seats. The vehicle is designed to hold 7 passengers. The vehicle features an automatic four wheel drive system that engages only when wheel slippage is detected. The system runs as front wheel drive during normal operation.

The navigation system and DVD entertainment system options were mutually exclusive in the 2002 model. Both could be ordered at the same time since the 2003 model. The navigation option comes with a rear view video camera since the 2003 model. Since 2005 the navigation system featured information from Zagat about restaurants and other points of interest. The 2003 model was rated as Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV.) EPA estimates 23 mpg highway, 17 mpg city.

In the 2004 model, the engine was improved to produce 5hp (4kW) more power than the 2003 model. The 2004 model features dual tail pipes instead of the single pipe in earlier models. Some chrome trimmings on the 2004 model use matte finish to distinguish from the polished shiny finish on earlier models.

Little changed for the MDX during the 2006 model year with a few minor revisions to the vehicle's chrome and faux wood interior trim. A completely redesigned MDX is due towards the end of 2006. Acura has been silent as to which features the new model will have.

The MDX won the North American Truck of the Year award for 2001. The MDX was also Car and Driver magazine's Best Luxury SUV and Motor Trend magazine's Sport/Utility of the Year that year.

Acura Legend

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Acura Legend
The Acura Legend, badged as Honda Legend outside the U.S., Canada, Mexico and parts of China, was a sporty luxury vehicle sold by Honda from 1986 to 1995 as both a sedan and coupe. It was one of the first handful of vehicles sold under the Acura nameplate, and the first coupe to be badged as an Acura. The Legend's position in the lineup as Acura's top-spec sedan was taken over by the RL which has continued to be sold as the Legend in Japan.
First generation

The model was introduced in 1986 to be Honda's premier luxury model in Japan and the range-topping model in their new Acura lineup. A 2.5 L V6 powered both the sedan and coupe at introduction, although 1987 coupes were upgraded to a new 2.7 L unit (C27), which appeared in the sedan for the 1988 model year. Production of the first generation models ended in 1990 as a second generation version became available.

The Legend shared parts and a similar appearance with the Rover 800.
Second generation

Second generation units became available for the 1991 model year, now using a 200 hp SOHC C32 engine. By this time, the Integra was using a DOHC, VTEC equipped I4 engine, so Honda's choice to utilize a SOHC, non-VTEC engine in the Legend came as a disappointment to some fans who were hoping that the NSX's 290 hp 3.0 L C30A engine would be used as-is in the Legend. Ultimately though, the DOHC engine proved too expensive to manufacture to be a cost-feasible option in the Legend. Nonetheless, Honda made significant upgrades to the second generation Legend for 1993, and a 230 hp "Type II" version of the SOHC C32A engine along with a revised transmission became part of the package. Styling updates and new available options rounded out the big changes. Following in 1994, both coupe and sedan versions received minor refreshenings via new front bumpers and subtly revised trunk lids. The new top-of-the-line model for the sedan became the GS which was available in both six speed manual and four speed automatic forms. The GS featured a unique grill and wheels to set it apart from L and LS models. All three sedan models and both L and LS coupe models carried into 1995 with only minor changes to the door panels.

Honda Integra

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Honda Integra
The Honda Integra, a car sold as an Acura in North America and as a Honda elsewhere, was a sporty front-wheel drive vehicle sold both as a sedan and hatchback. In the Acura lineup it was the smallest, least expensive model, designed to offer a competitor to vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which was the most well known and popular "hot hatch" of the 1990s when the Integra was introduced. Although a sedan was available for the first three generations of the Integra, it was dropped when the vehicle transitioned to its fourth generation "DC5" platform, sold as the RSX in North America. The Acura TSX now takes the Integra sedan's spot in the line up.

Under the Honda line up, the Integra was near the middle, slotting above smaller cars such as the Honda City, the Honda Civic, and the Honda Logo. The Honda Integra was considered to be mid-sized car by Japanese standards.

As of 2007, the fourth-generation Integra has been discontinued in North America and Australia, but is still sold in its home market of Japan.
First generation (1986–1989)

The vehicle debuted in Japan in 1985 as the Honda Quint Integra before going on sale a year later in North America as part of the then-new Acura lineup. Three and five-door hatchback bodies were available, with a 1.6L DOHC 16-valve engine powering all three. The engine was the vehicle's most publicized feature, as DOHC, multi-valve engines were anything but commonplace in entry-level models at the time. This model was also sold in Australia as the Rover 416i.

The Integra was based on the less-sporty Civic, although it featured a small list of key upgrades over its lesser stablemate to help merit a price increase over the CRX Si, which was otherwise the sportiest compact vehicle being offered by Honda/Acura; enlarged 4-wheel disc brakes replaced the small front-disc/rear-drum setup used by the Civic and CRX, suspension calibration was re-worked, better tires were used and a 113hp DOHC fuel injected 16-valve engine was used in place of the SOHC unit from the CRX Si. Combined with sleeker styling and a nicer interior, buyers were effectively convinced that the Integra was worth the extra money, and nearly 228,000 units were sold during the four year run of the first generation model.

Acura CL

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Acura CL
Following the end of the 1995 model year, The Acura Legend coupe disappeared from Acura's line-up when the sedan version was renamed the Acura RL. The coupe was replaced by the Acura CL for the 1997 model year, following Acura's transition to alphanumeric naming of all of its vehicles except for the Integra, which continued until the 2001 model year. The CL initially was offered with a 2.2L straight-4 engine, which was later bumped up to 2.3L and finally a 3.0L J30 V6. At that time, interior choices were either cloth or leather (the premium version had leather). CL stands for "Contemporary Luxury".

For the 2000 model year, the Acura CL's sibling, the TL, was redesigned. The CL, however, was never produced as a 2000 model and instead in March of 2000 the completely redesigned Acura CL was released as a 2001 model featuring a 3.2L SOHC VTEC J-series V6. A navigation system was also available along with the Type-S model, denoting Acura's 'Sport' edition. While the regular CL featured a 225 horsepower V6, the Type-S boasted a 260 horsepower V6 with 17" wheels, a firmer suspension, slightly larger brakes, and firmer seats.

In 2002, the CL Type-S was offered, as a 2003 model, with a close ratio 6 speed manual transmission with a Limited Slip Differential. One of the main criticisms of the CL was that a manual transmission had been dropped when the car was redesigned for the 2001 model year. Very few manual transmission models were built; there were 2,691 without navigation and 788 with navigation. However, with the CL's sister car, the TL, coming up on a redesign for the 2004 model year, the CL was dropped from Acura's lineup due to declining sales. Total Acura CL sales from 2000 until 2005 when the last new model was sold totalled less than 31,000 units.


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New Ford Escape 2.3 Limited - Making an impressive statement At the top of the Escape range is the Escape Limited . With a new Duratec 2.3 L engine with VVT and ETCS (Drive by Wire), it’s the ultimate blend of power and style giving the driver confidence while remaining wrapped in luxury.

Just some of its stylish features are automatic AC, Audio 6 CDs indash with remote audio steering control, the leather seat trim, a sunroof, side mirror turn signal indicators , Bumper Overrider, Side Rocker and rear spoiler.

* Sporty Electric Sun Roof
* Rear Spoiler and Side rocker
* Front and Rear bumper overrider
* Roof rail with cross bars
* Front fog lamps with garnish
* Automatic Air Conditioner
* Integrated Audio 6 disc in-dash CD player MP3 compatible with 6 Speakers
* Remote audio control at steering wheel
* Electric side mirror with Power foldable and LED side turn lamp.
* Duractec Inline 4 cylinders, DOHC 16V with VICS, TSCV, ETCS and VVT
* 4-speed floor shift automatic transmission
* Driver and front passenger airbags and front side airbags
* MacPherson strut independent front suspension
* Control Blade Multi-link independent rear suspension
* 16" alloy wheels Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
* Parking Sensor
* Key with engine immobilizer and alarm

New Ford Escape 2.3 XLT - Taking comfortable driving up a notch. Beside powerful and responsive with its Duratec 2.3 L engine with VVT and ETCS (Drive by Wire) New Ford Escape 2.3 XLT is more stylish and comfort with its Electric Sunroof and Integrated Audio 6 CDs in-dash with remote audio control at steering wheel.

Not just stylish, XLT model has adopted complete safety and security features which are front passenger and side airbags, advanced braking system with ABS, EBD and EBA, parking sensor and engine immobilizer with parimeter alarm.

* Sporty Electric Sun Roof
* Roof rail with cross bars
* Front fog lamps
* Integrated Audio 6 disc in-dash CD player MP3 compatible with 6 Speakers
* Remote audio control at steering wheel
* Electric side mirror with Power foldable and LED side turn lamp.
* Duractec Inline 4 cylinders, DOHC 16V with VICS, TSCV, ETCS and VVT
* 4-speed floor shift automatic transmission
* Driver and front passenger airbags and front side airbags
* MacPherson strut independent front suspension
* Control Blade Multi-link independent rear suspension
* 16" alloy wheels Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
* Parking Sensor
* Key with engine immobilizer and alarm

The Ford Escape 2.3 XLS is designed for the passionate driving enthusiast. Featuring a 2.3L four cylinder engine with VVT and ETCS (drive by wire) that perfectly combined with independent suspension and great braking system - 4 disc brakes with ABS, EBD & EBA generates great driving experience and confident.

* Roof rail with cross bars
* Integrated Audio in-dash single CD player MP3 compatible with 4 Speakers
* Electric Side Mirror with turn signal lamp
* 2.3 L Duractec Inline 4 cylinders, DOHC 16V with VICS, TSCV, ETCS and VVT
* 4-speed floor shift automatic transmission
* Driver and front passenger airbags
* MacPherson strut independent front suspension
* Control Blade Multi-link independent rear suspension
* 16" alloy wheels Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
* Key with engine immobilizer

New Ford Everest TDCi 4x4
For those who loves venturing through off-road condition, the New Everest TDCi 4x4 is your perfect choice. Its new Duratorq commonrail diesel engine combined with new 4x4 transfer case that proven in all kinds of road condition, produces enormous torque at any speed, therefore giving the New Everest TDCi a greater traction the enables it to drive through even the toughest off-road condition.

Overview: The New Ford Everest TDCi
The New Everest TDCi comes with many improvements on the exterior, interior, powertrain & drivetrain. The engine is now backed up with the latest commonrail diesel technology that produces bigger power & torque, but efficient in fuel consumption.

The interior also improved significantly, giving the you and your family a new experience inside the New Everest.

Besides the new 5-speed transmission model, the automatic model also equipped with new 5-speed automatic transmission, the first in its class. All of these will surely gives you a smooth & confidence riding at any speed.


The New Everest TDCi comes with many improvements on the exterior, interior, powertrain & drivetrain. The engine is now backed up with the latest commonrail diesel technology that produces bigger power & torque, but efficient in fuel consumption.

The interior also improved significantly, giving the you and your family a new experience inside the New Everest.

Besides the new 5-speed transmission model, the automatic model also equipped with new 5-speed automatic transmission, the first in its class. All of these will surely gives you a smooth & confidence riding at any speed.


Ford Ranger Wildtrak is the answer to Ford Ranger enthusiasts who prioritize tough & comfort riding, It's suits your personality during off road or even city cruising with your best friends. The new features like; Front Bumper Over-rider, Sports Bar, Bed Liner & Side Railing, really transform Ford Ranger Wildtrak to be the toughest and meanest, anytime anywhere!


The Ford Ranger 4x4 Double Cab XLT is a legendary work vehicle which is just as capable working off road, as well as on road. This is one tough truck that features a spacious and comfortable interior for five adults. Ranger's stylish pick-up body provides plenty of load carrying capacity, making it ideal for both work and play. The 3.0 litre turbo diesel direct injection common rail engine is matched to a five speed manual transmission or an optional 5 speed automatic transmission with "shift on Fly". This models take safety to another level by providing driver and front passenger front airbags, plus front side airbags as standard feature.


The New Ranger 4X2 XLT (Hi-Rider) combines workhorse ability with recreational desirablity. The four door cab sits up to 5 passengers comfortably and, with a payload of up to one tonne, the Pick-Up box can easily handle tools, adventure equipments or even trail bikes. With all these features, together with the new Duratorq 2.5L Turbo Diesel Commonrail engine, totally new interior design and increased ground clearance, the New Ranger Hi-Rider will let you play just as hard as you work.

The New Ranger Double Cabin 4x4 STD offers you more stylish exterior design than the base model. The wheel rim already use 16" alloy and the rope hook are moved to the inside of the pick up bed rather than the outside and also there is a couple of fog lamp for safe driving in foggy situation. Inside, this model has automatic power window feature which gives you a more comfort driving experience.


The New Ranger Double Cab 4x4 Base is a legendary workhorse for working off road, as well as on road. This is one tough truck that features a spacious and comfortable interior for five adults. Ranger's stylish pick-up body provides plenty of load carrying capacity, making it ideal for work. The 2.5 litre turbo diesel with indirect injection engine is matched to a five speed manual transmission.


The New Ranger RAS 4x4
The New Ranger RAS 4x4 is just as capable working off road, as well as on road. The RAS design, cleverly maximises both interior space and cargo capacity. The innovative Rear Access System allows you to easily store gear securely in the cab or carry additional passengers. While the pick up is large enough to carry a huge load, the 2.5L litre turbo diesel indirect injection engine delivers enough power to carry and tow big loads.

Overview The New Ranger Single Cab 4x4
The New Ranger Single Cab 4x4, is one tough truck, which is just as capable working off road, as well as on road. It's 2.5L TurboDiesel Intercooler with indirect injection engine delivers substantial amount of power for this workshorse to accomplish the job with full of loads both on road & off roads.

The New Ranger

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The New Ranger

The New Ranger Single Cab 4x2 is a legendary workhorse. With the best in class load capacity, New Ranger is capable of carrying some seriously big cargo. The legendary 2.5 litre turbo diesel Indirect injection engine also gives you loads of power accomplish your duty. New Ranger Single Cab 4x2 provides those all important creature comforts like CD & MP3 player to help you through the work day.
Ford Ranger Single Cabin is designed for the toughest working conditions. The 2.5 litre (4X2) and 2.9 litre (4X4), engines feature OHC and 12 valves to deliver best in class power and torque, while providing quiet, smooth and economical operation. They deliver excellent torque at low engine speeds to make easy work of load carrying, tough off road and highway undertakings.

Ford Ranger Single cabin is capable of carrying more load, and combined with the tough engine, Ford Ranger Single Cabin is a reliable business partner.

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Phone: 0951 322875

Phone: 0951 332281

Fax: 0951 332284


Ford Jayapura

JL. Abe Tasangkapura 89

Entrop - Jayapura

Phone: 0967 523673

Phone: 0967 537321

Fax: 0967 536321


Ford Timika

JL. Cendrawasih No.6

Timika - Papua

Phone: 0901 323356

Fax: 0901 323356

Service Partner, Timika

PT. Freeport Indonesia
Borobudur Workshop

Timika - Papua

Phone: 0901 404337

Fax: 0901 404337


Ford Indonesia Dealer, Sulawesi
Ford Makassar

JL. Andy Pangeran Pettarani / 98 B

Makassar 90222

Phone: 0411 422-999

Fax: 0411 856-555

Fax: 0411 420-678


Ford Manado

JL. Sam Ratulangi No. 149


Phone: 0431 821-821

Fax: 0431 822-100


Ford Palu

JL Yos Sudarso dpn Pangkalan TNI AL


Phone: 0451 456-999

Fax: 0451 456-747



Ford Indonesia Dealer, Kalimantan
Ford Balikpapan

JL. Ruhi Rahayu No 1 Ringroad

Balikpapan 76114

Phone: 0542 872-848

Fax: 0542 874-838

Ford Samarinda

JL. M Yamin Rt 27


Phone: 0541 737-070

Fax: 0541 771-775

Ford Banjarmasin

JL. A. Yani km 6, no 499


Phone: 0511 327-1000

Fax: 0511 326-8509


Ford Indonesia Dealer, Sumatera
Ford Palembang

Jl. Mayor Santoso No. 31-38 A

Palembang 30121

Phone: 0711 364-688

Phone: 0711 373-357

Fax: 021 364-665


Ford Pekanbaru

Jl Riau no 18 ABCDEF

Tampan - Pekanbaru

Phone: 0761 857-500

Fax: 0761 857-600

Ford Medan - Adam Malik

JL. Haji Adam Malik, no 50

Medan 20114

Phone: 061 664-1818

Fax: 061 664-1843


Ford Medan - Gatot Subroto

JL. Gatot Subroto, No 107

Medan 20122

Phone: 061 8446-777

Fax: 061 8468-000


Ford Medan Rantau Prapat

Jl Sisingamaraja No.128

Rantau Prapat - Labuan Batu

Phone: 0624 22405

Phone: 0624 22615

Fax: 0624 22045


Ford Padang

JL. Veteran no: 41A-C

Padang 25117

Phone: 0751 37112

Fax: 0751 37201

Ford Banda Aceh

Jl Cut Nyak Dhien No.530

Lamteumen Timur - Banda Aceh

Phone: 0651 48818

Fax: 0651 48478


Service Partner, Jambi

Jl. Pangeran Hidayat 14

Jambi 36128

Phone: 0741 40333

Fax: 0741 42333


Ford Indonesia Dealer, Java

Ford Jakarta Selatan

Jl. TB Simatupang No. 14

Jakarta 12430

Phone: 021 7591-4508

Fax: 021 7591-4575

Ford Jakarta Pusat

JL. KH. Hasyim Ashari No. 45

Jakarta 10150

Phone: 021 630-6508

Fax: 021 630-6612

Ford Jakarta Barat

JL. Panjang No. 8, Arteri Kedoya

Jakarta 11520

Phone: 021 566-3127

Fax: 021 566-3137

Ford Jakarta Timur

Jl. MT. Haryono Kav. 29 - 30

Jakarta 12820

Phone: 021 830-0313

Fax: 021 830-7458



Ford Jakpus Kelapa Gading

Gdg Kirana Automotif XC / D1 - D8

Jl. Boulevar Barat

Jakarta 14250

Phone: 021 452-3988

Fax: 021 452-3969


Service Partner, Bekasi

JL. Jatibening Raya II No : 9 - 10

Jatibening Bekasi 17412

Phone: 021-8483079

Fax: 021-8483080

Ford Bandung

Jl. Gatot Subroto 162


Phone: 022-7320808

Fax: 022-7309038


Ford Surabaya

JL. Puncak Indah Lontar/2 Citraland


Phone: 031 739-0825

Fax: 031-7390287

Service Partner, Surabaya

JL. Ahmad Yani 36-38


Phone: 031 828-0726

Phone: 031-8280822

Fax: 031-8280725

Ford Semarang

Jl Gajah Mada no. 99D

Semarang 50134

Phone: 024-3517185

Fax: 024-3558227

Service Partner, Cirebon

Jl Kalijaga no. 108


Phone: 0231-203313

Fax: 0231-230518


Chevrolet Indonesia Dealer

Prima AutoWorld
Jl. Gatot Subroto no 88Y - Denpasar - Bali
Phone: (0361)8507700

Prima Motor
Jl. Raya Cileduk, Tangerang 15157
Phone: (021) 7314820

Mega Central
Jl. Letda Sujono No. 111-A, Medan
Phone: (061) 7368555, 7362932

Mega Central
Sales branch only: Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 172, Medan
Phone: (061) 4533555

The BMW M5

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The BMW M5
The ultimate sports sedan: the BMW M5 has always been recognised as the benchmark in premium sedan performance. The newest incarnation is no exception.

BMW X5, Limitless passion
The BMX X5 with xDrive, the intelligent all-wheel drive system, is a true Sports Activity Vehicle: powerful, dynamic and flexible. Once you get to know the X5, you'll soon forget the meaning of the word "compromise". Its powerful engines, its innovative all-wheel drive system and its flexible, adaptable interior are convincing proof that BMW never does anything by half

BMW X3, Any road. Any time.
Speed and flexibility, innovativeness and aesthetics, power and appeal - today's drivers expect a lot from their automobiles. Spontaneity is especially important: we all want to be able to put our plans into action quickly. The BMW X3 is the ideal vehicle for people who enjoy their freedom. It is the first Sports Activity Vehicle with the intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive system and a flexible interior, hallmarks of BMW's superior engineering skills and eye for stylish, practical design.

BMW Z4, Prepare to be obsessed.
Create an idea and it will live for a moment. Touch the senses and it becomes timeless. This is what makes the BMW Z4 so immensely compelling: it is a vehicle that was created to excite every sense. Its unique design and premium-quality craftsmanship will fascinate you. Its brilliant handling and splendid performance will exhilarate you. Every time you experience it: the BMW Z4 will provide you with extraordinary moments of unforgettable pleasure. For all your senses.

BMW 7 Series, A class unto itself.
No other sedan unites such extraordinary qualities so effortlessly. The new BMW 7 Series has a striking road presence. Yet it is light-footed and agile like none other. It offers seemingly limitless resources of muscular power. Yet it has an understated elegance and discerning style that makes it unique. It presents a far-reaching redefinition of the driving experience. Yet the new 7 Series is 100% pure, unmistakable BMW. Discover the new BMW 7 Series: the best driving luxury sedan.

Unlimited driving pleasure.
There are many ways to let your mind roam. The most elegant is doubtless a journey in the new BMW 6 Series model : the sporty BMW 6 Series Coupé

BMW 5 Series, Style. Character. Dynamics.
The wisdom to learn from experience, the courage to push the limits: this is the combination that leads to lasting success, also in the world of automotive engineering. Design and comfort, safety and performance - these are the key elements of the nature of the BMW 5 Series.

Driving enjoyment in beats perminute, the BMW 3 Series Sedan
A car's speed is generally expressed in terms of how many miles or kilometres it can cover per hour. And yet these measurements say little about how a car feels on the road. They cannot convey the joy brought by an engine responding instantly to the throttle, or the pleasure of looking out over a long, sweeping bonnet. Nor can they express the satisfaction of seeing the countryside flash rapidly by, or the feeling of abandoning yourself to the open road. Because when it comes to measuring driving pleasure, the only true guide is the beat of your heart.

Infectious Enjoyment. The BMW 1 Series
It starts from the moment you climb in, increases when you start up and raises the pulse rate with every kilometer you drive: the feeling of joy in The new BMW 1 Series. It's all due to the car's temperament and the BMW drive concept, making it agile and nimble. Reinforced by its athletic appearance, it will bring a smile to all passers-by. And it reassures with an incomparable driving sensation that lasts and lasts: on long straight stretches, in tight curves and with 7 days of driving fun per week.

BMW Indonesia launches new model

JAKARTA, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- BMW Indonesia launched BMW 730 Li as an effort to strengthen its position as a market leader in the luxurious car in the country.

Director of Finance Bernhard Peltner said the BMW 730 Li is the newest model of the series 7 in the German car.

"We determine to keep raising the selling volume of the series 7 in Indonesia through BMW Li," Bernhard was quoted Tuesday by the daily of Bisnis ...

Astra Nissan Diesel Indonesia, PT
ATPM truk. Grup Astra International. Jakarta.

BMW Indonesia
PT BMW Indonesia, ATPM BMW.

Chevrolet Indonesia
ATPM Chevrolet. PT General Motor Indonesia.

Chevrote Captiva
Info SUV Chevrolet Captiva. Persembahan General Motors Autoworld Indonesia.

DaimlerChrysler Indonesia
PT DaimlerChrysler Indonesia dan PT DaimlerChrysler Distribution Indonesia, ATPM dan distributor Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, dan Jeep. Jakarta.

Ford Indonesia
PT Ford Motor Indonesia. ATPM Ford.

General Motors Indonesia, PT
D/h PT General Motors Buana Indonesia, ATPM Chevrolet (dan Opel) di Indonesia. Bekasi.

Grand Autodinamika, PT
ATPM Jaguar. Jakarta.

Grandauto Dinamika, PT
Distributor Bentley. Jakarta.

Hino Indonesia
PT Hino Motors Manufaturing Indonesian dan PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia, ATPM dan distributor truk Hino. Jakarta.

Honda Indonesia
PT Honda Prospect Motor, ATPM dan asembler mobil Honda. Jakarta.

Indomobil Group
ATPM mobil Audi, Suzuki, Hino, VW, Porsche, Nissan, Ssangyong, Mazda, Volvo, dan sepeda sepeda motor Suzuki. Jakarta. Juga pelumas Indomobil Oil dan Lube One.

Isuzu Indonesia
PT Pantja Motor, ATPM, pabrik dan pusat perakitan Isuzu. Jakarta.

Kia Mobil Indonesia
Distributor mobil penumpang KIA. Jakarta.

Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motor, PT
ATPM Mitsubishi.

Mercedes Benz Indonesia

Info dan komunitas pengguna Mitsubishi Grandis. Persembahan PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors. Jakarta.

Nissan Indonesia
PT Nissan Motor Indonesia, ATPM Nissan.

Peugeot Indonesia
PT Multi France Motor, ATPM Peugeot. Grup Astra Internasional.

Renault Indonesia
PT Auto Euro Indonesia, ATPM Renault. Indomobil Group. Jakarta.

Suzuki Indonesia
PT Indomobil Suzuki International, ATPM mobil dan sepeda motor Suzuki.

Timor Putra Nasional, PT
Pabrik mobil Timor.

Toyota-Astra Motor, PT
ATPM Toyota. Jakarta.

Hyundai Elantra Review

With apologies to Kermit the Frog, it’s not easy being Hyundai. The Korean carmaker has delivered a variety of surprising new offerings, in recent years, with some game changers in the works, including its Genesis luxury sedan.
But to many, Hyundai is still defined by its smallest and least expensive models. And that’s where the automaker is making a big push to upgrade itself in the eyes of the public, improving quality, developing more distinctive design and adding more performance and upscale features.
A good example of that strategy went on display at the Chicago Auto Show in the form of the 2009 Elantra Touring, a roomy and decidedly more upscale five-door than Hyundai has traditionally been known for.
The hatchback/wagon is based off the automaker’s I30 global architecture, much like the base Elantra, but the automaker has taken steps to give it a sportier ride and feel. Its McPherson strut front suspension and independent rear, for example, are about 30 percent stiffer.
The 2.0-liter in-line-four powertrain makes 140 horsepower. And the Touring rides on V-rated tires.
The Elantra Touring plays with a bunch of big boys – at least in terms of their market perception – including the Toyota Matrix, Dodge Caliber, and Mazda3. One selling point for Hyundai is that the new hatchback will be the first in its segment to offer standard electronic stability control, as well as six airbags, ABS, brake force distribution, and traction control.
On the convenience side, it will also deliver an integrated iPod/MP3 jack.

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Review

Explosions, fireworks, and screeching tires: the Hyundai display at the New York auto show today crackled with energy, not to mention smoke and burning rubber. Hyundai was out to impress Mustang and Camaro and Challenger fans with its new coupe, and with some inside-Javits stunt driving and a pair of sleek, powerful coupes, they succeeded.
There are actually two Genesis Coupes set to go on sale early in 2009, a four- and a six-cylinder version. The former, says Hyundai product VP, is “an intriguing alternative to existing front-wheel drive sport coupes,” while the latter 300-hp six-cylinder version could take on the likes of the Infiniti G37, he suggested.

The four-cylinder model uses Hyundai’s turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, which churns out 212 horsepower (223 hp with premium gas) and 217 pound-feet of torque. That version gets the moniker Coupe 2.0t.

The more compelling Coupe gets its engine bay wedged full with a 3.8-liter V-6 that has 306 horsepower (310 with premium gas) and 310 pound-feet of torque. For comparison, the Mustang Bullitt has 315 hp and the Infiniti G37, 330 hp. Hyundai says it will hit 60 mph in about six seconds and go on to a top speed of 149 mph.

A six-speed manual is standard on both the four-pot and the V-6. The four-cylinder gets an optional five-speed automatic, while the V-6 version has an option for a six-speed ZF automatic.

Like the Infiniti but unlike the Mustang, Hyundai’s Coupe sports an independent suspension at all four corners, with a five-link setup in the back. Even the base four-cylinder car comes with 18-inch wheels, while 19-inchers are available. The two-door rides on a 111.0-inch wheelbase, and is 182.3 inches long overall.

The interior gets a pleasant, not entirely edgy theme that includes a big tachometer splayed in the driver’s sight, illuminated blue. A push-button starter and a proximity key are offered. Front, side, and curtain airbags are standard, as is anti-lock braking. A Brembo brake package is a performance add-on.

The audio system includes both iPod jacks and a USB input. An Infinity audio system is available, as are heated seats..

You’ll have to wait until early 2009 to get your hands on a Coupe, but The Car Connection gets our first shot at driving the new two-door later this year, along with the Genesis sedan we showed you in January at the Detroit auto show.

Hyundai Dealer in Indoensia

Register hyundai dealer in Indonesia

  1. Sinar mas, CV Jl.HZ. Mustofa No.273-294 022-7231231

  2. ANTAREJA AGUNG PERKASA Jl. Raya Serpong No.23 Pd.Jagung Serpong,Tangerang 5380909, 5381616, 5381515

  3. Anugrah Mitra Utama, PT Jl. A yani 231 Bandung 0265-337470

  4. AUTO CIPTA KARYA Jl. Raya Serpong Kav.201 No.8 BSD, Tangerang

  5. Auto Citra Perdana Jl.Veteran No.47 Padang 0751-35000

  6. BAHANA SETIANUSA GEMILANG Jl. Dr. djunjunan 119 022-6004543

  7. Buana Hyundai Motors, PT Jl.Gajah Mada No.191 0561-739781

  8. CAR & CARE Bumi Serpong Damai Branch Perumahan BSD Blk 405/2A, Sektor VIII Serpong, Tangerang

  9. CITRA KARYA PRANATA Jl. Soekarno hatta 727 022-7303053


  11. Djoko Abadi motor, PT Jl. Raya Dampyak No. 79 Tegal 0285-351423

  12. Djoko Abadi Motor, PT Jl. Jend. Soedirman Timur 831 Berkoh, Purwokerto 0281 - 624222

  13. Djoko Abadi motor, PT Purwokerto Jl. Jend. Sudirman Timur No. 831 Purwokerto 0281-634488, 624222

  14. Djoko Motor, PT Jl. Pahlawan 83 Tanjung, Purwokerto 0281 - 634388


The 2005 Sportage shares its Elantra-based platform with the 2005 Hyundai Tucson. The Sportage will also have a 2.0L Diesel engine available in the United States. Pricing is expected to start at just over US$17,000. Critics and fans of the original, pre-Hyundai Sportage complain that it's considerably larger than the original Sportage and has none of the offroad capability, the two pieces that made the original Sportage such a hit.

The first generation Sportage was a compact or "toy" sport-utility vehicle (SUV) which was based on a Mazda Bongo platform.
Sportage was sold in either a four-door, two-door hardtop, and a two-door soft-top. The first-generation Sportage was discontinued in 2001, in favor (for the United States market) of the Sorento. The four-door model comes in just a quarter of one inch longer and the same width as the Geo Tracker, but boasts 145hp (108kW) and optional four wheel drive.

After the 1997 Hyundai takeover of Kia, the vehicle was produced with major defects including an axle that broke loose at high speeds, rattling exhaust heat shields, weak and often defective alternators and various other annoyances

Regulator 12 Volt
Regulator 12 Volt, B-Circuit, 14.2 Vset., Neg. Grd.

For: Ford 1G Series ER/EF Alternators

Used On: (1992-90) Ford, Lincoln, Mercury w/ Digital Dash

Replaces: Ford E6DF-10316-AA

Notes: Terminal Identification: I Light, A B+, S STATOR, F Field, Case B-.
Special version of F540-1 for digital dash applications.

Digital dash compatible

Welcome to All Ford Mustangs, the place to share your hobby with fellow Ford Mustang car enthusiasts. Whether it's a Classic Mustang, Shelby Cobra, Fox body, GT, Cobra, SN95, Shelby GT500, Saleen, Roush, Steeda or 2005-2008 Mustangs, we provide a unique and friendly home for all.
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2008 Suzuki launching return this product legendary Suzuki GSX R600 best combination of engine and the chasis of bertipe modern and sporty, but still show a strong character Suzuki with the handle that better ( Sporty and legendary )

Overall length: 2040mm (80.3in)
Overall width: 715mm (28.1in)
Overall height: 1125mm (44.3in)
Wheelbase: 1400mm (55.1in)
Seat height: 810mm (31.9in)
Dry Mass: 163kg (359.4lbs)
Fuel capacity: 17.0litres (3.7gallons)


Engine capacity: 599cc
Engine: Four stroke, In-line, 4 cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC
Bore: 67.0mm x 42.5mm
Compression ratio: 12.5 : 1
Lubrication: Wet sump
Ignition: Electronic ignition (Transistorised)
Fuel system: Fuel injection
Starter: Electric
Transmission: 6-speed constant mesh
Drive: Chain


Front suspension: Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped, spring pre-load fully adjustable, compression damping two way fully adjustable, rebound fully adjustable.

Rear suspension: Link type, coil spring, oil damped, spring pre-load fully adjustable, compression damping two way fully adjustable, rebound damping fully adjustable.

Front brakes: Double, radial mount, four piston calipers, 310mm
Rear brakes: Single one piston caliper, 220mm
Front tyres: 120/70ZR17M/C (58W), tubeless
Rear tyres: 180/55ZR17M/C (73W), tubeless

Suzuki Boulevard M109R

Posted by matbrants | 5:48 PM

Technical Specs :

" Suzuki Boulevard M109R "

  • Engine: 1783cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, V-twin, DOHC, 4-valves
  • Bore Stroke: 112.0mm x 90.5mm
  • Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
  • Fuel System: Fuel injection
  • Lubrication: Semi-Dry Sump
  • Ignition: Digital/transistorized
  • Transmission: 5-speed
  • Final Drive: Shaft
  • Overall Length: 2450mm (96.5 in.)
  • Overall Width: 875mm (34.4 in.)
  • Overall Height: 1185mm (46.7 in.)
  • Seat Height: 705mm (27.8 in.)
  • Ground Clearance: 130mm (5.1 in.)
  • Wheelbase: 1710mm (67.3 in.)
  • Dry Weight: 319 kg (703 lbs.)
  • Suspension Front: Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
  • Suspension Rear: Link type, coil spring, oil damped, 7 way adjustable spring pre-load
  • Brakes Front: Dual hydraulic disc
  • Brakes Rear: Single hydraulic disc
  • Tires Front: 130/70R18 M/C 63V
  • Tires Rear: 240/40R18 M/C 79V
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 19.5 liter (5.2 gal.)

This a Great Looking 2008 Suzuki GSXR 600 with a Two Brothers Carbon Fiber slipon & Tinted Puig windscreen. It has just been serviced and is ready to ride. It does have some minor scratches & nicks. But has never been crashed.

First Registered: 01/01/2006 01:01:00
Make: Suzuki
Model: GZXR
Cubic Capacity (cc): 1000
Trim/Spec: k6
Gearbox Type: Manual
Fuel Type: Petrol
Bodywork Condition: mint condition
Mileage: 2000
Colour: Blue & WHite
Service History Details: Full Service History

Testimonials :
We gave Suzuki owners the chance to tell us how they felt about owning and driving their Suzuki in a section called "Love My Suzuki." So now, you don't have to take our word for it; read what actual owners have to say about their Suzuki's in our all new Testimonials section.
2006 Grand Vitara - This stylish wagon, cast on a new unibody structure for 2006 with class-leading safety features aboard plus the option of a multi-mode four-wheel-drive (4WD) traction mechanism, delivers strong torque from the standard six-pack powertrain.
Extreme Makeover - The 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara is a strong contender for being the most improved vehicle of the year.
2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara - First Look
This is definitely not a Maybelline makeover... The ground-up rebuild, all-new Grand Vitara is longer, wider, more powerful, more sleek, comes in 12 different configurations and features six standard airbags. But wait, there's more!

Delphi ListBox

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Delphi ListBox :

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About Delphi Component

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About Delphi Component :
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About Delphi ListView

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Delphi ListView :

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Catalog Toyota

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Catalog Toyota

  1. Toyota Hybrid

  2. Crown Royal Standart

  3. New Rush

  4. Avanza

  5. VIOS

  6. Yaris

  7. Camry

  8. Fortuner

  9. Kijang Inova

  10. Alphard

Toyota Hybrid

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Toyota Hybrid
Repairs continuously for a better future.
Toyota Hybrid
Moving Forward is our future. We believe that there is no perfect, only better. Moving Forward is not just make a car. More than that, how to improve the quality of life and to contribute to our society. Results from this development is the Toyota Hybrid System.

Most Popular Isuzu Parts Parts
Here it is! The Isuzu parts you’ve been looking for are here. We have Isuzu original replacement parts and performance Accessories that you need or desire all in one place. You can count on our online catalogs to find whatever Isuzu Accessories you need and if there is any Isuzu auto part you cannot find then our professional sales staff is available to call toll free to help you locate those Isuzu parts. We offer free shipping for almost every order $50 or more and ship them as soon as possible. You can expect our Isuzu Accessories catalog to be as user friendly and secure as we can make it. Whether you are looking for a new Isuzu Trooper brake job, Rodeo soft top, original or performance clutches, or OEM timing equipment we can help you find the very best Isuzu parts.

Trunk Strut

About Delphi Array

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crown royal standart

Posted by matbrants | 11:39 PM

Crown is the spirit of elegance of expression, which is owned TOYOTA for innovation and quality. Since the beginning prepared to meet global standards of a luxury car. Represents a new paradigm for the individual, comfort and performance.


- Maximum Output (kW / rpm ) : 24V 3.0-Litre (3GR-FE)
- Type Machine : V6 Four Cam 24-valve
- Cylinders (cc) : 2995
- Fuel system : Electronic Fuel Injection
- Tank Capacity (L) : 71
- Long (mm) : 4840
- Width (mm)m : 1780
- Hight (mm) : 1470
- Transmission : 6-Speed automatic
- Front Suspension : Double wishbone (Coil springs, gas-filled shock absorbers with a stabiliser bar)
- Back Suspension : Multi-link (Coil springs, gas-filled shock absorbers with a stabiliser bar)
- Front brake : Ventilated Disc
- Back brake : Disc
- Size Tires : 215/60R16

9 Tips for Buying a Used Car

Posted by matbrants | 5:29 PM

You want to buy a used car, but confused choose a suitable car? 9 tips may help you can.

Here are tips on buying used cars:

  • Before you buy a car, try to see how your driving habits, your needs. Cars must be purchased to meet your needs
  • Check your pocket, make sure your pocket enough to pay the vehicle tax, and insurance (if any), your car. Prepare the pocket when the car you also need more treatment after your first purchase.
  • Learn car models, price-price through ads in local newspapers.
  • If you intend to buy a used car loans, first calculated how much a car before, and how the price of the car from the lender. Calculate the expenses you will spend each month, the term of the loan, the loan and interest. Make sure you understand the loan before signing the credit.
  • Check the condition of the car carefully. Check if there is corrosion that may arise in the body or engine, or the former body in the crash.
  • Make a test drive of the car that you will buy, on the condition of roads in different way.
  • You need to rent a car mechanic to test your former drill. Browsing through the Internet can also be an option.
  • Ask for records of care to former service station. Check the first car to the owner if the car is held by the second. Check the odometer, many sellers are deliberately reducing car mileage on the odometer recorded.
  • Also check all the documentation and warranty if the car is still there
Hopefully, these tips can help you find a used car that is suitable. Happy hunting